Working With MMD

Building a Bridge to Overcome Your Business Challenges

The MMD Bridge Model

Every business has a vision of the future. A planned destination they want to arrive at. But sometimes on that journey from A to B, we encounter problems that can’t just be walked over. What do we do? Well, you could put a single board over the gap, nervously walk your way across, and hope for the best.

Or you could build a solid bridge.

At MMD we craft solutions to your business problems in the same way engineers build bridges. We map out your challenges, analyze your needs and capabilities, then design a multi-faceted, custom solution to move your business forward. The base of the bridge may be business development processes. Leadership development might be the ground supports. Main cables and suspenders might be best practices or support from one of our vetted professional partners.

No two bridges are alike, but all of them are built to last. That’s what we aim for when we build your solutions. Customized, carefully designed, sustainable solutions that can carry you from A to B safely.

How We Work

Building a Bridge to Overcome Your Business Challenges

Phase One: Problem Discovery

We sit down with you and discuss your problems. This is a meeting for you to tell us what challenges your business is facing, not a place for us to talk at you or sell. From this meeting, our team will engage in a thorough analysis aimed at identifying the root cause of your problems. Once we’ve compiled our findings, we will review them with you. During this review, we will discuss the preferred and agree upon the preferred outcome clearing the way to begin Phase 2.

Phase Two: Design

Our team designs a solution for you. Using our extensive knowledge of business and professional development we look for places to implement effective change and integrate best practices. Once we’ve built your plan, our team will sit down with you and review it again.

Phase Three: Implementation

After your plan is designed our team will assist you with implementation. If your team requires training, a guide needs to be developed, or your team requires assistance with change management we will help. By utilizing our team and our trusted partners, we can get you set up for success. We are here to make sure this implementation is a success for YOU.

Phase Four: Review

Our aim is to create long-term, sustainable solutions for your business. Once we’ve implemented your plan we will set up a meeting to review progress at an appropriate interval. This is your opportunity to let us know what’s working and what’s not. That way we can help you keep your business flowing smoothly and make sure we’ve worked ourselves out of a job.

How Do You Know You Need MMD?

Business problems are dynamic and highly individualized to your organization’s experience. That said, here are some common symptoms that indicate you may need to work with us.

  • Slow, declining, or nonexistent year-over-year growth
  • Business growth has stalled with no apparent means of recovery
  • Departments consistently fail to meet established goals
  • Goals have become inconsistent, murky, and are increasingly difficult to set or meet
  • Your business is reacting to circumstances as they come rather than being proactively strategic
  • Rapid growth has led to issues with consistency and oversights
  • You want to grow your business but don’t/can’t bring on permanent employees
  • Your organization is facing a new change and you lack a vision for how to manage it
  • Team members are experiencing increased stress and lower organizational satisfaction
  • Consistently searching for resources but unable to find what you are looking for

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