Questions We Often Hear

Why Would I Want Professional and Business Development Together?

What good is the best process if you have an average team executing it? When we build processes and practices for a company, often those efforts are sidelined by leaders who aren’t ready for the change or don’t know how to effectively manage it. At MMD we combine professional and business development in order to ensure a long-term, sustainable solution for your organization. This way you have the practices and the people to carry your business forward.

Why Should I Work With a Consultant Like MMD?

When we face business problems, we’re often hesitant to bring in outsiders for help. Our team understands this problem, but we’re not there to judge you or talk about your challenges publicly. Discretion is important to the MMD team. We’re partners in problem-solving, helping identify and develop solutions to your business challenges. Working with us is like expanding your team without the expense of hiring full-time members of your team. We bring our expertise to you and quickly aim to work ourselves out of a job. Why? Because that means we’ve solved your problems.

What Makes MMD Different?

MMD seeks to combine both business and professional development methodologies to create custom solutions to your specific business problems. We’re a one-stop shop offering a variety of in-house services and a network of trusted, proven, professional partners. This means you get the most versatile consulting and coaching work while only having to worry about dealing with one company.

How Do I Know if MMD is Right for my Business?

Business problems are dynamic and highly individualized to your organization’s experience. That said, here are some common symptoms that indicate you may need to work with us.

  • Slow, declining, or nonexistent year-over-year growth
  • Business growth has stalled with no apparent means of recovery
  • Departments consistently fail to meet established goals
  • Goals have become inconsistent, murky, and are increasingly difficult to set or meet
  • Your business is reacting to circumstances as they come rather than being proactively strategic
  • Rapid growth has led to issues with consistency and oversights
  • You want to grow your business but don’t/can’t bring on permanent employees
  • Your organization is facing a new change and you lack a vision for how to manage it
  • Team members are experiencing increased stress and lower organizational satisfaction
  • Consistently searching for resources but unable to find what you are looking for

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