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Bridging the Gap Between Business and Professional Development

Why Is MMD Different?

Challenges are a core part of growth. We simply cannot build a business without encountering problems along the way. MMD Consulting is dedicated to understanding the root of those problems, not just the symptoms, and helping business owners solve them so they can get back to the good part of growth. We believe a sound solution should stand the test of time. MMD’s unique BRIDGE model stands the test of time just like a well-built bridge.

We use a two-part method of discovery focused on root cause analysis. First, we spend some time listening to you and your team to gain your perspective on the problem. Then we take time to analyze data, observe operations, and collect all necessary information to make certain we find the true problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific business, team, and problem. We understand that no one solution or system works for everyone. Effective solutions need to be specific and utilize the strengths of your specific organization.

Solving the problem in the most efficient and effective way possible is our goal for every client. We’re not here to become a crutch for your business or an outsourced department you never wanted. We’re here to help you solve specific problems when they arise so you can move your business forward.

MMD’s team brings more than 35 years of practical experience working in business, personal, and leadership development. Our team brings actual work experience from time in Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, family businesses, and the U.S. military. Lessons and methods learned from that broad experience as well as continued education and training form the knowledge base we draw from to solve YOUR problems.

Meet the MMD Team

David Simpson III

David Simpson III

With over two decades of experience, Simpson has provided highly effective consulting services to companies across all industries. Whether working with marquee companies to create new products or expand markets or with start-ups — one of which he shepherded to $1 million in revenues in its first year — Simpson has had a significant impact. As president of Simpson & Partners he has earned his bona fides in assignments with companies worldwide, applying unique techniques that cross industry-specific perception and synthesize insights from every discipline. He brings his proprietary S&P insights to the newly formed MMD consulting, sharing with Matt Hampton a commitment to help companies grow and make a difference by the blending of their skill sets.

Matt Hampton

Matt Hampton

Matt is an experienced leader and leadership scholar with a background including finance, tech start-ups, marketing, and 13 years of military service. His approach is rooted in a thorough understanding of leadership methodologies and best practices for developing managers and leaders at all levels of an organization. His experience includes time as a Military Instructor where he helped train and prepare future military leaders for their operational roles. Matt received both his MBA and MS in Leadership Development from The Citadel in Charleston, SC. This diverse background allows Matt to bring a deeply analytical as well as practical approach to problem-solving. He is passionate about forming true leaders via human connection and insight.

Symptoms You Might Need MMD

Business problems are dynamic and highly individualized to your organization’s experience. That said, here are some common symptoms that indicate you may need to work with us.

  • Slow, declining, or nonexistent year-over-year growth
  • Business growth has stalled with no apparent means of recovery
  • Departments consistently fail to meet established goals
  • Goals have become inconsistent, murky, and are increasingly difficult to set or meet
  • Your business is reacting to circumstances as they come rather than being proactively strategic
  • Rapid growth has led to issues with consistency and oversights
  • You want to grow your business but don’t/can’t bring on permanent employees
  • Your organization is facing a new change and you lack a vision for how to manage it
  • Team members are experiencing increased stress and lower organizational satisfaction
  • Consistently searching for resources but unable to find what you are looking for

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